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Self Service Kiosks

Delivering Excellence

Our self service kiosks are leading the way in customer experience and efficiency.

These custom built kiosks provide seamless registration onsite with minimal staffing requirements. Guests can check in and print their name badge onsite with a quick barcode scan or name search option. With the largest screen offering in the business, we can customise design for your event.

Whilst our kiosks are impressive to look at, they're not just a pretty face! Equipped with leading technology, they are set for simple scan and print, or we can provide RFID and NFC chip pairing for ease in delegate lead retrieval and tracking.

These kiosks are our flagship onsite registration solution and we would love to introduce these to your next event.


Easy to set up in any venue, these can be taken to both indoor and outdoor events. Features include:

  • Massive 21.5” touch screen

  •  Colour printing in seconds

  • 1D/2D/QR code scanning for easy check-in

  • RFID/NFC pairing ability

  • Compatible with aventri, eventsAIR and Satellite TAG software

  • Sleek white design perfect for any event

  • Complete brand customisation available with easy decal application


Contact us today to discuss how this solution can be tailored to your next event.

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