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Virtual Event Support

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Offering Virtual Event Support

In these ever changing times, we understand that face to face events are not possible right now and so, we are now offering virtual event support. Having completed intensive training in the new OnAIR platform offered by EventsAir, we are able to provide full virtual event support, from set up to delivery. OnAIR is your central hub for all virtual participants to access sessions, networking functions, exhibitions, one-to-one meetings, ePoster sessions and more. Read more to learn about the benefits of this platform and what it has to offer, then contact us to get your next event virtual.

One Portal for all Attendees
No matter if it's an exhibitor, presenter, support team or virtual attendee, everyone logging in will have access to the appropriate content specific to the type of virtual attendee accessing the platform.

Works with Live Streaming and Pre-Record Videos

Each session can be setup using live streaming or through a pre-recorded presentation. All methods are integrated into one easy to use platform.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics
Post event you are able to access detailed reports and analytics on the performance and participation in your virtual event.

Virtual Session Options
You are able to program plenary sessions, concurrent sessions and interview style live-stream sessions.

Virtual ePoster Presentations
Virtual ePoster presentations are an exciting way to bring a traditional Poster Session to the virtual world. Any number of presenters can be standing by their virtual poster presentations and engage in video conversations with attendees in an open and flexible format!

Virtual Function Options
Including a virtual networking function, your virtual attendees can be placed in groups of 2-4 for set periods of time where they can engage in video chats and even exchange contact details! Group conversations are also a powerful tool where you can assign attendees to specific groups for interactive conversations on a specific topic or theme.

Virtual Exhibitions
Just like a traditional exhibition, attendees can visit the virtual exhibition hall and engage with exhibitors. Attendees can view exhibitor information, download brochures, and when the exhibition is open, engage in instant meetings with exhibitors. Your exhibitors will love how they can use lead retrieval to capture attendee details and ask specific profile questions for further engagement once the virtual event has concluded.

One-to-One Meetings
Using the powerful Meeting Matcher, you can allow virtual attendees and exhibitors to choose who they'd like to meet with, and then view their meeting schedules in advance of the virtual event. When your virtual event is live, attendees and exhibitors can view their scheduled meetings directly in their personalised timelines and engage in video meetings, just a live event!

Live Support
This useful tool provides a live support or conference information desk, where we stand by to answer technical and event questions in real time with your virtual attendees.

Meeting Hub
This real-time option lets your virtual attendees engage in real-time connections with other attendees. Users of Meeting Hub can search for attendees, request meetings, and when accepted engage in a video conversation, just like a live event!

A Suite of Powerful Tools to Enhance Your Attendee's Experience
All attendees to your virtual event can access a suite of useful tools, such as Live Q&A, event notes, contact exchange that can be exported from the portal. Making the platform a complete one stop shop.


Contact us today to discuss how this solution can be tailored to your next event.

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