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The Show Must Go ON! and we are LIVE with Warwick Merry


Marty Wilson

The greatest competitive advantage in business for the next 2-5 years will be your people’s ability to adapt and work together through the relentless upheavals – and inevitable aftershocks – of a world sideswiped by COVID. Learn how your team can embrace and combine their individual styles of resilience, so your business stays productive through WHATEVER the future brings…

Are You Brave Enough? Performing in Uncertain Times

Dominic Colenso

Standing in the leadership stoplight can be lonely and exposing. In times of crisis and uncertainty that pressure is amplified. How do you deliver a career defining performance when the heat is on? You need to get comfortable taking risks. 


By the time he was twenty-one, communication expert and bestselling author Dominic Colenso had acted alongside some of the biggest stars of the Hollywood silver screen. In this bite-size virtual keynote he’ll share the defining quality that separates a great performance from a good one and the three keys you need to unlock it! 


Dawnna St Louis

Fireside chat with EventFrog and EventsAIR​

Take a peep back stage with Cornerpoint Productions & Austage

How To Be the Last One Standing

Steven Bradbury

The Most Powerfully Persuasiveness Word in the World

Michelle Bowden

Every day, in all sorts of ways, we persuade the people around us. We want and need to get things from other people. And often that means getting them to think or do something very different to what they were thinking and doing just a minute ago. When your interactions are virtual rather than face to face should you change what you say? How will you get under people’s skin so they can’t say no to you? The words you say are way more important than they used to be in this new environment. When you get the words right, you’ll have less arguments and conflict, you’ll build stronger relationships with your clients and team members, you’ll sell more, and you’ll have less meetings, with less backwards and forwards, less politics, and less objections so you’ll get things done.

Hosting in the Virtual World: Why do you need a good one.

Warwick Merry


Confidence through Crisis

Daniel Murray

There has never been a more important time to create confidence in people. In a world dominated by complex challenges, tough decisions and wide-spread fear, leadership is under the microscope. Are you prepared? In this session, Daniel Murray will share the most important focus areas leaders must take right now to grow confidence in their teams and foster a high performance culture.


Unlocking the Competitive Advantage in Your Organisation

Shani Dhanda

In an economy where companies are facing serious talent shortages, discover the untapped talent you more than likely already have within your business which will give you a competitive advantage. This will help you make great business decisions, build your reputation and attract and retain the best talent.

Finding the Superhero Inside YOU

Jamie McDonald

Have you unlocked your superhero within? Jamie McDonald has a unique ability to keep going. After defying all odds to beat a rare and debilitating childhood spinal condition, he’s gone on to break some of the toughest endurance world records on the planet - including a 5,000 mile (or 200 marathon) solo run across Canada (which is one way to guarantee getting a frost bitten nose). Through these record breaking adventures and Jamie’s determination to give back, he has fundraised over a million pounds, all of which has gone towards changing the lives of other sick kids around the world. Oh, and of course he did it all dressed as a one-of-a-kind superhero, called Adventureman. So, pull on your superhero pants and join Jamie on a virtual journey. There’ll be tears, laughter and a few surprises too. All in all, you’ll leave the virtual room feeling inspired by his heartwarming story, and ready to unlock the superhero within you. 


Fragile to Agile - Brand building in uncertain times

Amanda Stevens

It's A Zoo Around Here - how to tame your teams

Nigel Risner

Sales aren’t happening.
Your clients are calling you back.

You just don’t seem to connect with your customers.

Well what a surprise.
It’s because your communication sucks.

In 10 minutes let me show the two biggest secrets to help you become an Effective Zookeeper.

That’s right, understanding the animals you talk to will be a game changer.


Nod, blink, smile like an idiot

Dr Louise Mahler

Virtual presence and presenting can be baffling. And it’s here to stay! So, how do you build relationships? How do you make deep connections? How do you influence and engage? The good news is that body language is still your best friend. The challenge is, we just have our head on screen. So what do you do? In this brief session you will discover the first secret of the virtual world - 'looking like you are listening’. Join me for a good look in the mirror and a great laugh.

Your culture is changing right now - make it deliberate

Fiona Robertson

Culture is one of the most widely discussed and widely misunderstood concepts in business today. We all know it’s crucial, but almost no-one knows how it really works. Culture is the rules of belonging - and your culture is changing right now. If it’s happening by accident, now's the time to make it deliberate.

Useful Belief Because It’s Better Than Positive Thinking

Chris Helder

Speaker Meet & Greet

Live Q&A - take aways from today

Celebrity Service Welcome Back

Geoff Ramm

In just 10 minutes you will walk away with a philosophy that will change your service experience forever.  Plus, what you can really do NOW to be remembered and loved for decades to

come… Forbes called this ‘A Game Changer’.

AFTER PARTY Entertainment & Expo

Cheese Therapy Experience

The Kubarz Cocktail Masterclass

The English Cream Tea Experience with Jane Malyon

Networking Continues / Close of Show

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