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Life after Coronavirus

Right now, it might seem a little hard to imagine what life will be like on the other side of these unprecedented times. The events industry has been hit hard. But as restrictions begin to lift, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. We still don’t know what life might look like in the precarious 12 months post corona. When will people feel comfortable attending large scale events? When will businesses feel comfortable bringing their national teams back together? When will budgets recover to allow for incentives and other costly face to face meetings?

We don’t know the answer to these questions. It’s unlikely anyone does right now, but it’s important to stay positive and the best way to do that is by thinking ahead.

Staying up to date with changes, new technologies and new ways of delivering events creates a positive mindset. Trying to adapt to our current environment and looking at ways to deliver services a little differently when things get ‘back to normal’ is both challenging and motivating.

Here are a few ideas to throw around with your team, all with the focus of making attendees feel comfortable and safe to attend your next event once we are back in business;

How will you tackle catering for large numbers? Are you willing to compromise environmental choices around plastics for a short time in order to keep your attendees feeling safe? Has anyone noticed the plastic wraps back on the straws at McDonalds?

What about aisle width at your next exhibition? Would it help to widen your aisles and have flow control on the floor area to avoid crowding?

Contactless registration options provide a great first impression on arrival, that demonstrates your conscious effort to make a safe and socially aware footprint on your events. Barcode scanning gives attendees the option of touchless registration, simply scan your barcode from your device and your badge prints out, no human to human contact required.

Have you considered the delegate flow during registration? Does one main registration desk suit the new event climate? Would spreading your terminals and kiosks across the full foyer assist in providing social distancing measures to delegates? Using floor standing kiosks, not only provides a moveable and flexible registration floor plan but it also eliminates the need to build multiple registration desks or setups.

If you want to see our contactless registration options in action, including our exclusive kiosk set up, visit our website or get in touch with one of our team members today.

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